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You might be able to change the manner in which that looks

A fun sleeper candidate now thriving on the glass for the Hawks, Collins is tied with Myles Turner and just ahead of Kevin Durant with 14 rebounding chances (within 3.5 feet of an available board) per game. With some defensive upside complementing a steady rebounding pattern, Collins is worth owning in all but shallow fantasy formats.

Among the league leaders in minutes played over the last several seasons in Detroit, Morris should see plenty of minutes and touches on a Boston frontcourt reliant on youth at the moment. Morris should also be afforded additional freedom to extend his shot in Boston, adding to what could be a high-floor fantasy profile upon his impending return from an injury.

Whatever you think about Cleveland stockpiling picks vs. going for a potentially special talent, thinking Watson and Wentz would be doing what they are doing this season if they were in Cleveland is futile and misguided.

Not only would that level of harmony stand out in today’s world, it would be unprecedented in the modern NFL; the league and the players’ association have long been at odds.

Players and owners have squabbled over playing football on Thursdays, over the league’s drug policy and its appeals process, and over issues of dollars and cents. Now, the league wants the players to compromise on an issue that has inflamed emotions across the political gamut. And, notably, the players seemingly have the power for once. “You can threaten to do whatever you want to do, that’s not going to deter players from doing what’s right, or doing what they believe is right,” Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said on Tuesday. “You might be able to change the manner in which that looks, but I don’t see players stopping their pursuit for justice or equality.”canadiens_1403_2394ea0d48c5245e-180x180

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