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Jason Witten joined by Anthony McFarland as part of ESPN’s new ‘Monday Night Football’ lineup

ESPN has finally unveiled its Monday Night Football crew for the 2018 NFL season.

After brushing off his prior comments by saying “I just wanted to agree” with the hosts, Enunwa said as to the Patriots being vulnerable, “I think they may be.” Added Enunwa, “I also think that we’re capable of finally dethroning them. I think that we’ve always been. It’s just about getting over that hump of finishing games. Not to add more bulletin board material for them, but I think for us, we’re hyper-confident and believe that we can do that.”

Teams constantly worry about providing bulletin board materials to other teams, and for good reason. Hokey as it may seem, bulletin-board material works. (Even if bulletin boards have gone the way of cassette decks and cathode ray tubes.) The fact that the Patriots do may be one of the reasons why the Patriots simply keep taking care of business. Regardless, at some point the Patriots won’t be able to keep taking care of business the way they used to. Whether it’s the Jets, Bills, or Dolphins, someone at some point will knock them off.

In Armstrong’s five games for the Giants (one start), he logged 10 tackles and a forced fumble.

The confrontation reportedly occurred recently, when the boys’ lacrosse team member told a black athlete from the Sterling High School track team to get off the Haddonfield track and called her the n-word as she was lacing her cleats during a meet, according to Camden County NAACP East President Lloyd D. Henderson.

The lacrosse practice was taking place on an athletic field ringed by a track.

She was very distraught, Henderson said Thursday. She was so hurt it was noticed by her friends.

The student who allegedly launched the verbal attack was not identified, according to Henderson. He called for the school to take the incident seriously, including providing diversity training.

I would like to see the school step up, take responsibility and deal with the matter, he added.

The Saints have depth at the safety position after adding Kurt Coleman in free agency and after drafting Natrell Jamerson in the fifth round. They also added former Mississippi State safety J.T. Gray as an undrafted free agent.colts_106

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