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Mike Glennon is making it hard for the Bears to be patient about Mitchell Trubisky

Mitchell Trubisky is the quarterback of the future for the Chicago Bears. The question is just a matter of when he’ll be handed the reins.

The No. 2 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft started just 13 games in college, and Chicago didn’t want to toss him into the flames until after he’s had plenty time to adjust to the NFL.

Chicago will stick with that plan in Week 3 with Glennon set to start in Week 3 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He’s struggling to help in the run game too and there really aren’t many positive things to stay about the 33 games Flowers has played in the NFL.

Forget the fact that the Giants have an offense so one-dimensional that the entire team looks like a disaster. McAdoo was painfully conservative when the team needed to take shots and it proved costly.

The play seems like a no-brainer to armchair quarterbacks and Twitter head coaches, but there have been plenty of rookies who would have tried to force their hand there. Watson had the composure to make the smart play, and it put his team in a better position to win.

Jones, the talented WR who set NCAA records for most receptions in a career (399) and a single season (158 catches in 2016) with East Carolina, initially broke for the right-front portion of the end zone before adjusting and turning back towards the middle of the field.

The L.A.-Orange County metro area has 12 million people, so 95% of the public might not care about the Chargers, but it doesn’t take many to fill 27,000 seats. Take into account fans of visiting teams who want to see their teams live and sellouts are pretty much guaranteed for the three seasons the Chargers will be playing at the StubHub Center.
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