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Arians said he voiced his displeasure to the crew headed by Ron Tolbert, to no avail.

After a relatively poor rookie season — only by his high standards could winning Rookie of the Year and playing at an above-average level in the NBA as a teenager be considered relatively poor — James quickly leaped into superstardom and improved gradually from there. His four best seasons came from ages 24 through 28, a stretch interrupted only by a down performance from James in 2010-11, his first year with the Miami Heat. The best-fit curve suggests James peaking just before age 27, the expected time for an NBA player, and declining gently from there.

The aging curve gets a bit more complicated when we consider James’ playoff performance. Here’s how that looks using the same chart:

But Spooner says that the Wizards actually had an advantage on the play after the review, because the clock should have been reset to 0.1.

Now classified as a “defenseless player” in an effort to improve safety conditions, the long snapper is afforded protection from contact under NFL rules.

“While (Drescher’s) head was down there was contact on him,” Arians told co-host Bill Polian and me Tuesday night on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “That’s a foul.

“I’m on the (NFL Competition) Committee so I know it’s a foul. He’s a defenseless player.”

Now it’s just getting Mitchell Trubisky experience and making decisions on the coaches, front office and roster. If the Eagles are going to cool off at any point, this week isn’t likely to be the time. Jay Ajayi has now broken off long runs in each of his two games since the trade from Miami. Dropping a weapon like that into this offense doesn’t even seem fair.chargers_033-180x180