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Spears: Westbrook has the most at stake because he is the reigning MVP of the league who is trying to convince George to stick around.

It’s hard to imagine PG wanting to stay in Oklahoma City if the Thunder get eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Westbrook needs to push this series to seven games.

Pelton: Westbrook and the Thunder. I think the Cavaliers probably have more at stake in this series, but Friday is no longer a must-win for them. It is for Oklahoma City, which is hoping to re-sign George this summer. For Westbrook, this series has become yet another referendum on his style of play and whether it can succeed in the playoffs. Game 5 offered wildly different answers in the first and second halves.

Analysis: The Wonderlic is an intelligence test first used in the NFL by Hall of Fame Cowboys coach Tom Landry. There is debate as to how much teams can learn from it but it is still used by the NFL, and QBs are expected to do well on it. Two former Jets both scored 48 on the Wonderlic, the highest known score for a quarterback — Ryan Fitzpatrick and Greg McElroy.

This year’s top four all did fairly well on the Wonderlic, and there should not be any concerns from teams about their scores. Allen’s score stands out and may impress someone.

In a season where we weren’t supposed to enjoy rookies at the top of the rankings, we were spoiled with two youngsters finishing among the top 50 skaters on the Player Rater — and it was a photo finish. Gourde edged Barzal by 0.04 points. For me, it’s the way they earned those points that made me prefer Gourde’s body of work over the season. Getting a plus-34 made a huge difference in the standard ESPN scoring. While only four players had more assists than Barzal, only two players had a better plus/minus than Gourde.

I’m not picking the guy who had the best season for a fantasy defenseman (that would be Victor Hedman). I’m picking the guy who embodied a combination of elite fantasy skills and value for where you picked him. Hedman finished first among defensemen, and rightly so. He was the third one off the board in September. While Hedman was comfortably ahead of Subban for overall value, Subban was drafted 15th among defensemen with an ADP of 80.1. He finished second to Hedman on the Player Rater.canucks_1165

Browns schedule 2018: Cleveland’s priority is first win after 0-16 season

The Browns’ 2018 schedule features another uneasy path for a franchise coming off an 0-16 season that set a rebuild in motion with new GM John Dorsey in the offseason.

Hue Jackson is back, and the coach will have to show some progress after compiling a 1-31 record over the last two seasons. The goal should be simple against the usual AFC North rivals and cross-over games against the NFC South and AFC West: Win one game and go from there.

Westbrook hasn’t looked himself, and he played with black kinetic tape all over his upper body. Billy Donovan says he’s fine — or at least he hasn’t been told of any injury — and Westbrook has fully participated in practices and shoot-arounds. But he struggled shooting again, hitting 6-of-17 from the floor for 20 points, plus 10 rebounds and 3 assists. George finished with 32 on 9-of-21, but with Anthony hitting just 5-of-18, including 0-of-6 from 3, and with the Thunder unable to produce consistent stops, that wasn’t cutting it. It isn’t a coincidence that Westbrook finished with three assists and didn’t have any in the first quarter.

“I think he’s feeling more like himself today,” Maddon said.

Bryant was hit by a pitch for the seventh time this season when German Marquez’s 96 mph fastball struck the underside flap of his helmet at Denver on Sunday. Last year, the slugger was hit by a pitch 15 times. Bryant was plunked 18 times in 2016, when he was voted National League MVP.

“Probably the word on the street is to pitch him inside,” Maddon said. “I’m not accusing anybody of throwing at us. I don’t think there’s anything sinister to this point.”

On sitting in with exit interviews with players: “Until you said it, I didn’t know that there was backlash.

“It felt like the right decision. And right now, this organization desperately needs a new attitude and a new way of doing things. I can’t know what that should be if I don’t understand what the players think, the coaches think, the scouts think, the fans think. This isn’t that hard. I have to acquire the information. It’s not my ideal use of my time to spend two days in meetings. If I thought that wasn’t of value, I wouldn’t do it.”

On fan support: “In a nontraditional market, you don’t necessarily have the luxury of having as much support as you’d like through the good and bad times. So that’s the main thing: [Fans] want to support the team, but they need a reason.”steelers_056

Jets pick up Leonard Williams’ fifth-year option

“The bottom line is: Is the guy a football player?” said Giants general manager Dave Gettleman, who took McCaffrey when he was with the Panthers. “This whole myth of devaluing running backs, I find it kind of comical. At the end of the day, if he’s a great player he’s a great player. It doesn’t matter what position it is.”

The new philosophy seems to be that maybe one or two backs are worth taking early, but you can still find value at the position in the middle rounds. Are Fournette or McCaffrey any better than the Saints’ Alvin Kamara (Rookie of the Year) or the Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt (the league’s leading rusher), who were both selected in the third round last year?

“If they’re rated high, they’re going to go high,” ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. said. “They’re not getting forced up. These guys were all highly rated players coming out, so they weren’t any surprises. The surprises were the third-round picks of Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara based on where they went. They played like top-10 guys. So, that’s why I always say: Running backs you can find.”

In 2009, Huizenga said he regretted ordering the Marlins’ payroll purge.

“We lost $34 million the year we won the World Series, and I just said, ‘You know what, I’m not going to do that,’” Huizenga recalled. “If I had it to do over again, I’d say, ‘OK, we’ll go one more year.’”

He sold the Marlins in 1999 to John Henry, and sold the Panthers in 2001, unhappy with rising NHL player salaries and the stock price for the team’s public company.

Huizenga’s first sports love was the Dolphins — he had been a season-ticket holder since their inaugural season in 1966. But he fared better in the NFL as a businessman than as a sports fan.seahawks_183

Jim Mora’s sideline commentary isn’t doing much to improve quarterback Josh Rosen’s draft stock.

After telling NFL Network he’d select USC’s Sam Darnold over his former player last week, the ex-UCLA coach, who was let go from the team last season, attempted to clarify his remarks with the MMQB, only to possibly make a bigger mess over Rosen’s football commitment in the process.

“He needs to be challenged intellectually so he doesn’t get bored. He’s a millennial. He wants to know why. Millennials, once they know why, they’re good,” Mora said. “Josh has a lot of interests in life. If you can hold his concentration level and focus only on football for a few years, he will set the world on fire. He has so much ability, and he’s a really good kid.”

With less than a month to go until draft day, Mora also noted he has yet to receive a call from one of the NFL’s 32 general managers to pick his brain about Rosen.

“None of them have called, which is interesting,” Mora said.

The Giants and Jets hold the second and third picks, respectively, and are both expected to be locked into the quarterbacks race, which also includes Wyoming’s Josh Allen, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield and Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. Should either pull the trigger on Rosen, Mora doubled down on the intensity of the player they’d be receiving.

“One thing I do want teams to know,” Mora noted. “It’s desperately important for Josh to be a great player.”

Following Mora’s interview with MMQB — and other outlets publicizing the comments — Rosen chimed in Monday afternoon with a simple, “Why?”

The Jets let Austin Seferian-Jenkins walk in free agency.

They say they like Jordan Leggett, a fifth-round pick from a year ago, who missed his rookie season with a knee injury. Still, I think they could take a tight end in the middle rounds. Penn State’s Mike Gesicki is an athletic pass catcher who could be tempting if he lasts until the third round.

With all of that change, several teams tumbled. All three of the preseason favorites in the National League divisions — the Nationals, Cubs and Dodgers — dropped in the rankings thanks to middling starts. The Nats fell furthest, with a five-spot decline, the Cubs lost three, and the Dodgers fell from the top 10 with their own three-spot drop. The Yankees fell four slots, but the Rangers — already struggling with injuries — suffered the largest decline in the American League by falling five places and into baseball’s bottom five.jets_065

Chargers sign Jaylen Watkins

The Eagles didn’t want Jaylen Watkins, at least not at a certain price, but he has found a home.

The Chargers announced they had signed the former Eagles cornerback, who was not tendered an offer as a restricted free agent.

The Chargers could use him at either safety or corner, and they need some depth there after letting Tre Boston walk in free agency.

Cody Reed (L), fewer than 1 percent, Cincinnati Reds at Philadelphia Phillies: Reed is making his 2018 debut and since he may be sent back to Triple-A at its conclusion, you know he wants to make a positive impression. After all, the injury-riddled Reds rotation will no doubt need some reinforcements — and probably sooner, rather than later. The allure is the unknown, combined with a decent strikeout pedigree. Granted, Reed displayed terrible control last season in a short stint in the bigs, but now, just one week from his 25th birthday, his composure should be better.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed to TMZ that it is “looking into whether or not a violation occurred in this incident.”

Florida has bans on catching certain types of sharks, and restrictions on catching other types, and Miller could face legal consequences if his fishing trip violated state law.

To the extent that the system needs to be changed, that won’t happen until the next CBA arrives. Even then, it’s unlikely that the players will be inclined collectively to make a concession that would compel teams to give young players more money sooner, even if a return a system that allows star players to leverage big rookie deals into bigger second deals would potentially stretch the market at the various positions, giving more players a chance to get more in their own negotiations.

They examined the sharing of inside information, deriving that “effective prevention of insider trading requires coordination between sports leagues and betting operators.”

The conclusion was straightforward.

“We conclude (alongside many other observers) that due to the rigor of Nevada’s regulatory practices, the state’s approach actually provides sports leagues with their best opportunity to protect themselves when it comes to the all-important issue of integrity,” the report said.flames_016

Here’s what it looks like in a sideline situation, courtesy of Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.

A player has the ball long enough to become a runner when, after his second foot is on the ground, he is capable of avoiding or warding off impending contact of an opponent, tucking the ball away, turning up field, or taking additional steps.

When a receiver goes to the ground or goes out of bounds after establishing possession, he has to maintain control throughout. Cowboys receiver Brice Butler gave us a textbook example in 2017 against the Giants.

Butler dives for it, gets both hands underneath it as he’s going to the ground, and maintains control throughout the catch.

Jones taps one foot down, then the other, all while pulling the ball securely against his body to establish and keep possession.

Cleveland’s roster revamp at the trade deadline — sending six players out and bringing four players in to replace them — was seen as a necessary transfusion for a team that was, in the words of general manager Koby Altman, “marching a slow death.”

Gone are Isaiah Thomas and his struggles on the comeback trail from a serious hip injury; Dwyane Wade and his demanding presence if not always consistent production; Jae Crowder and his awkward offensive fit; as well as role players Channing Frye, Derrick Rose and Iman Shumpert.

“I’ve had a great run,” said Winston, who has earned $31 million in his NFL career, per “I’m going to see what’s out there, especially early on (in free agency), at the Combine. I’m at that point where I have three kids and a great family and wife. They’ve done a lot of traveling around. I think it’s going to have to be in the right spot and the right opportunity.

“We’ll see. I’m definitely staying ready and working out. I’ll make a decision sooner than later. At the same time, I can envision (Year) 13 for sure.”

With the market now better established by the trade of Michael Grabner to the New Jersey Devils and the deal that sent Petr Mrazek to the Philadelphia Flyers, there should be at least a few more fantasy-relevant transitions between now and Monday’s NHL trade deadline.

Not all trades are automatically good for fantasy value. While Mrazek’s fortunes rise quickly with a steady job and better offensive support in front of him, Grabner doesn’t have a clear path to any more scoring than he already had with the New York Rangers. The Devils shouldn’t be breaking up the trio of Taylor Hall, Nico Hischier and Kyle Palmieri to make room for Grabner, so he’ll be on a secondary — or perhaps tertiary — line at even strength.bears_134

Health officials maintain, though, that marijuana comes with potential drawbacks.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, recent data suggest that 30 percent of marijuana users have some degree of “marijuana use disorder.” This often aligns with a dependence on marijuana that, in some cases, can become an addiction. The institute also reports that after inhaling marijuana, a user’s heart rate may increase by 20 to 50 beats per minute.

Buffalo player Seantrel Henderson is suspended after failing a urine test. Though a repeat offender, Henderson maintains that this time he had reason for using: Pot is the only thing that provides relief from the pain of Crohn’s disease, a malady for which he underwent surgery earlier this year.

Just a routine day in the life of an interesting guy who has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu, and who shot and tweeted the first pictures of Harrison Ford’s vintage plane after the movie star crashed it on an L.A. golf course in 2015.

“The NFL is the greatest reality show on television,” Siciliano said. “It’s real people, with real talent, unscripted. You never know what you’re going to get every week.

Although the play was controversial — Cousins’ arm appeared to be going forward — do you really think he would’ve led the Redskins on a game-winning touchdown drive? He had no protection in the game (he was sacked four times) and had a hard time hitting receivers.

As for the Cowboys’ offense, they weren’t bad, either. Ezekiel Elliott hit the 100-yard mark (104), and six receivers finished the game with 30 or more yards, including Jason Witten, who passed Michael Irvin as the Cowboys’ all-time leading receiver.

Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen provide a dangerous backfield combination. They still get to play the Bengals, Browns and 49ers.

Mitchell Trubisky is 2-1 as a starter, but the Bears are winning despite him. He’s completed eight and four passes in those two victories, the latter of which saw the Bears fail to score an offensive touchdown. It’s not realistic for the Bears to think they keep winning like that. Two of their three wins have come in overtime.

Derek Carr is a stud, and there’s too much talent in their pass rush of Khalil Mack, Mario Edwards and Bruce Irvin for them not to figure it out on defense at some

AJ McCarron has been pulled for Jeff Driskel.

Was the Christian Hackenberg era finally here due to the fact that the Jets decided to play their starting quarterback in their fourth and final preseason game?

Fortunately for the Jets (and reporters on the sideline who don’t want to be hit by Hackenberg’s errant passes), McCown was able to shake off the hit. Strangely, after almost losing their starter to an injury in a meaningless preseason game, the Jets sent him back in for another series.

John Ross doesn’t have a helmet with him, so his night is done.

“Several of us met tonight — players, coaches, staff, and ownership. Our goal was to provide open dialogue and communication. We listened to one another. We believe it’s the best way to work through any issue we are facing- on and off the field,” the statement read. “President Trump’s remarks were divisive and disrespectful to the entire NFL community, but we tried to use them as an opportunity to further unify our team and our organization.”

It continued: “Our players have the freedom to express themselves in a respectful and thoughtful manner and we all agreed that our sole message is to provide and to promote an environment that is focused on love and equality.”

“It’s unfortunate that the President decided to use his immense platform to make divisive and offensive statements about our players and the NFL,” Murphy said. “We strongly believe that players are leaders in our communities and positive influences. They have achieved their positions through tremendous work and dedication and should be celebrated for their success and positive impact. We believe it is important to support any of our players who choose to peacefully express themselves with the hope of change for good. As Americans, we are fortunate to be able to speak openly and freely.”

Did Sunday’s loss at FedEx Field amount to Kirk Cousins’s in-person audition for the Broncos QB job in 2018? If so, he was impressive enough. But before they address their QB situation, the Broncos must decide whether it will be one and done for Vance Joseph as their coach.chargers_090

Over the past several weeks, the Chicago Bulls have managed to avoid having to deal with and defend an opponent’s top player.

They won’t have that luxury Wednesday when the Toronto Raptors and DeMar DeRozan visit the United Center.

No one caught on camera.Now he’s with his third NFL team, the Chiefs.Brees is a relative bargain compared to recent contracts that have been signed.Their entire rotation fell into a wood chipper except for their worst starter, and there were several failed experiments that seemed like good ideas at the time – Jhoulys Chacin, Lincecum, and the Gentry Daniel Nava platoon come to mind.The information below be used to optimize the content and make ads across the network more relevant to you.The original report, from ProFootballTalk, said the Eagles offered up Jenkins, a third-rounder and a fourth-rounder for Cooks, but the Saints wanted a second-round pick, along with Jenkins.By clicking Create Account, I hearby permission to to use account information to create account.Keenan has a kidney injury, McCoy said at his weekly press conference.

“The quick-throw was there, a little play-action pass, the shotgun stuff,” said Pederson of Foles’ previous work. “Those are all things that are in our system, and we might just have to dust a few more off and get that ready to go. And that’s kind of what this week is for, to get some of those ideas and thoughts on paper and execute them this week in practice.”

Pederson did not rule out the possibility of going to backup Nate Sudfeld if the Eagles were in a desperation situation during the playoffs, but added Sudfeld would be receiving zero first-team reps in practice while making it clear that Foles is his guy.

The Nets are on a nine-game streak.It was a good moment, but since it was brother’s cap it should have been brother’s moment.Lindros suffered the first documented concussion of his NHL career, and the doomsday clock on his playing days began ticking.Archer and sat unoccupied barber chairs and bantered with the barbers.Shot Misses the Net.However, Vizquel also hit .333 1999 and blasted a career-best 14 homers with 72 RBI 2002.Instead he was added unto the list of injuries that kept the Rangers out of contention along with Fielder, Mitch Moreland, Matt , Holland, and others.With most being unable to get any sort of read on the Rockies’ front office, one thing is clear, they prefer flame-throwers their ballpark and Quintana is not that.: White Sox insist on one of Dahl or Rodgers as the headliner.titans_018

Here’s a look at some of the best headlines from an entertaining slate of games.

While it’s far too early to assess the results of offseason moves, we can at least take a look at how well these teams addressed their needs. Some excelled, some failed. We gave each one a thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating:

Details of the deal: The Marlins trade OF Giancarlo Stanton (and his contract) to the Yankees for 2B Starlin Castro and two minor leaguers, P Jorge Guzman and SS Jose Devers. The Yankees will reportedly take on $265 million of Stanton’s remaining $295 million.

The Titans are faltering at the wrong time, and after their listless loss to Arizona the trip to San Francisco feels a lot more difficult. With the Rams and Jaguars looming, a disastrous losing skid could happen, which would add to the disappointment of finishing at .500 in 2016.

The Chargers kept chugging along against Washington, and now they get a long-awaited second shot against the Chiefs. Going from 0-4 to favorites in the AFC West should put Anthony Lynn in the Coach of the Year conversation.

With each week of the NFL season, more and more games carry playoff implications and that was again the case in Week 12.

The Rams and Saints are strong bets to be playing in the postseason, and their blockbuster clash did not disappoint.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks kept their playoff hopes alive in the Bay Area, where a possible franchise quarterback produced a fine late cameo in his debut, and things got really heated in Oakland between the Raiders and Broncos.

The Packers’ playoff hopes were dealt another blow, and the Chiefs continue to crater.lakers_003